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Hot Tub Rental Agreement, Safety Rules, and Waiver


1.  Renter shall supervise all persons under the age of 18 using or near the hot tub at all times, and will take appropriate measures to prevent unauthorized access to the hot tub(s) while not in use.


2.  DO NOT permit any electrical appliances (such as, but not limited to: lights, radio, TV, power tools, etc.) within five (15) feet of the hot tub(s).


3.  Persons taking medications and those with physical ailments, including heart and/or blood pressure problems and pregnant women should consult their doctor prior to using the hot tub(s).


4.  Renter and its users are aware that alcohol and/or drug use before or during hot tub use may lead to the possibility of serious injury, drowning, or accidental death.


5.  It is recommended that you leave the tub every 15 minutes so that your body may cool down.

DO NOT let the water temperature exceed 104° F. Always check the water temperature before entering to ensure it is below 104° F. to prevent burns and injury to your skin.  If water reaches above 104°F., exit the tub immediately and stay away until the temp has cooled to below 104°F.


6.  The hot tub water is sanitized for your health and safety with a chemical called Bromine in Big Kahuna and Tini Bikini Hot Tubs, and softub and swift current use Chlorinating Granules. It is still possible to become ill from contaminants in the water, ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK!  If you experience an allergic reaction or rash developing exit the hot tub(s) immediately, and consult a doctor.


7.  DO NOT enter the hot tub if you have open wounds, transmittable diseases, or other allergies to what may be in the water, such as but not limited to: Bromine or Chlorine.


8.  DO NOT add anything into the hot tub water including, but not limited to: dye, oils, soaps, fragrances, bubble baths, etc. Damage to the hot tub shell, liner, pumps, motors, furnace, and filters will likely occur.


9.  No Glass Bottles  are allowed while in or around the hot tub(s).  No Shoes are allowed in hot tub.

10.  DO NOT sit or place anything above the furnace, the area above the furnace can become very hot and placement of articles above the furnace could lead to a fire and/or serious burns.

11.  Use the handrails provided for entering and exiting the hot tub, and exercise extreme caution for slippery and submersed steps. Steps and stair landings can become very icy /slippery when wet. It is recommended that mats be placed at the bottom of the stairs to prevent slips & falls.


12.  DO NOT sit on the hot tub walls, you or your guests may fall and become injured or cause damage to the walls.


13.  NO DIVING or JUMPING into the hot tub(s), bodily harm or death may result. Hot tubs are only approx. 3-4 ft deep.  No Horseplay allowed!


14.  Renter is responsible and agrees to pay for any and all damages to the hot tub(s) found to be a result of misuse, abuse, neglect, or disregard for the operating and safety rules within this agreement.

15.  DO NOT move the hot tub(s) after drop-off and set-up and/or tamper with the support jacks or wheel chocks. Hot tubs must be accessible for pick-up at the agreed upon hour noted on your payment receipt. Please note a $50.00 per hour fee may be charged if the hot tub(s) are not accessible for removal at the time of pick up.


16.  A2Z Services, LLC is not responsible for water damage occurring to persons or property as a result of filling, using, and/or draining the hot tub(s).


17. Softub and Swift Current hold 300 and 220 gallons of water, add 1 teaspoon of Chlorinating Granules to water after use only once per day.  If left unused for several days add 1 teaspoon every 5 to 7 days.  Test strips may be used to help keep levels between 3 to 5 ppm.  Instructions are on the labeled bottle.


18.  Renter is responsible for all persons or parties using the hot tub(s), and ensuring that all users are aware and comply with the safety rules within the rental agreement.


19.  ________ (initial) A2Z Services, LLC is not responsible for any moisture damage due to the tub being inside a garage, building or apartment.  I the renter take full responsibility for any damage steam, water vapor, water leak or hot tub failure may cause my property.


20.  ________ (initial) A2Z Services, LLC has informed me that the hot tub uses propane and creates CO2 (carbon monoxide) that is lethal in a confined area such as a garage.  I take full responsiblity to make sure proper venting (open door) is done to avoid such a situation.  (Big Kahuna and Tini Bikini Hot Tubs Use PROPANE)


21. ________ (initial) Damage to the hot tub A2Z Services, LLC will leave a hot tub at your residence. If the hot tub is lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed while at your residence, you agree to pay us to replace the hot tub with identical new equipment.  You understand that in that situation, it would take time for us to obtain a new hot tub and that without the hot tub, we will be unable to engage in hot tub rental business and will therefore be losing income.  You agree that in this situation, you will pay us $100 per week as liquidated damages for that lost income, in addition to the cost of replacing the equipment.


22. ________ (initial) Outdoor Winter Use hot tub most remain on until we come and pick it up. Leave it plugged in and full of water. If the heater quits working the hot tub will freeze, which leads to broken pipes, broken pumps, broken heaters, broken filters, and possibly a broken hot tub shell.


23.  Please BE SAFE, BE RESPONSIBLE, and have FUN!!!!

24.  If any court declares any provision of this Agreement invalid, the remaining provisions will remain in effect. This Agreement represents the entire agreement between the parties. All prior communications are merged into this Agreement, and there are no terms or conditions other than those set forth herein  


The undersigned party agrees to hold A2Z Services, LLC  harmless from any damage to property, accident, injury to persons, and/or death occurring in the use of the hot tub(s) supplied in this rental agreement.


I have fully read and completely understand all of the above information and agree to all rules and recommendations listed above:



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