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Baptism Rental

We are proud to offer the best outdoor and indoor leak-proof solutions for baptisms.

Use the reservation (Hot Tub Rental Step 1) menu to reserve it for your next baptism.

How it works:

We are closed every October.

What we do is deliver the baptismal font, we bring a 75-foot garden hose, get it set up and begin the filling process.

You need to provide any tarps that you may want to put down before we arrive.   Provide a place to connect the garden hose within 75 feet of the baptism font.   The electrical outlet should be within 20 feet of the baptism pool.

We will come back after the baptisms and drain the baptismal pool.

More Details:

Indoor baptisms we have 2 different sizes 350 gallons and 500 gallons baptism pool, either size $450

Weight: 500 gallons 4,000 lbs and the 350 gallons 2,800 lbs.

Dimensions: 500-gallon baptism font 80 inches wide and 30 inches deep.

Color: 350 Dark Grey and 500 Black or Dark Grey

Indoor baptism pools delivered 2 to 3 days before the baptism(s).  Water is ready 1.5 to 2 days later.

Water is treated in both the indoor and outdoor baptism fonts.  With ozone or quality chlorine pool chemicals.

If you have limited time we also have rapid heating available, takes 3 hours to heat water up to a comfortable temp.

Rapid heat-up option $200.00

Free Delivery 20 Miles From Shakopee
Delivery Cost after 20 Miles $3.00 Per Mile

Call with any questions you may have.

Made from lead-free food-grade plastic.  They do not leach lead or other harmful chemicals into the baptism water.  A thermostatically controlled heater that runs on any normal 115 volts grounded household outlet.  These new pools are super strong, stronger than steel of similar thickness, durable, puncture-proof, and self-healing (minor scratches can be removed easily).

All you have to do is a simple 2 step process before the baptism(s)

  1. Unplug the heater
  2. Remove the heater from the baptism pool

500 Gallon Baptism Pool Being Set Up

500 Hundred Gallon Baptism Pool, once on stage and once in front of it.


Big Kahuna used for outdoor baptisms, takes 3 hours to get ready for your church function.

Baptism Big Kahuna Tub

* Pricing subject to change without notice, as we have to custom make each pool.