Tini Bikini Hot Tub 

Tini Biki Hot Tub Rental.

Typically drop off at least 3 hours before your event and pick up next AM

We Fill and drain it on site, takes about 1 hour to fill and 30 min to drain

Tini Bikini Hot Tub Rental.
Rental Rates:
  • $550 the first night
  • $150 for an extra night
  • Drop off 3 hours prior to the event
  • Pick Up Next Morning
  • Holiday pricing is $200 extra, (4th of July, Easter, New Years, Christmas, Turkey Day)
  • $175 Delivery and Set Up 20 Miles from Shakopee
  • $3.00 per mile after 20 miles from Shakopee.
  • Over 40 miles from Shakopee Call for a delivery estimate.
No Delivery Option:
  • Requires full size pick up or large SUV to pull the hot tub
  • Required Valid Drivers License
  • Requires proof of Insurance
  • You need to know how to light a pilot lite (similar to water heater)
  • Place 4 trailer jacks and cock the wheels

(Read =>> This isn't for everyone, if you haven't pulled a large and heavy trailer before just have us deliver it.)

We use a Ford Expedition, F150 or F250 Pick Up.
Ball size is 2" ball, there is 2" inch receiver hitch with 2" ball available for use.2 inch trailer hitch for tini bikini hot tub rental
Uses standard flat 4 prong trailer hook up. 
 Details about the Tini Bikini Rental Hot Tub:
  • 500 Gallons of Hot Water, we use your water and hose to fill it up.
  • Runs on a normal household GFCI 15 amp 110 - 120 volt outlet.
  • Electric outlet needs to be within 75 feet of hot tub
  • Customer Controlled LED Accent Lighting
  • 1 ft privacy wall surrounding the perimeter for increased privacy
  • Easy thermostat control for perfect temperature!
  • Stairs and handrails for easy entry and exits!
  • Rental hot tubs are permanently mounted on trailers
  • Requires a flat, semi level area to set it up
  • Hot Tub Size:  7ft 
  • Exterior Dimensions:  22ft Long X 8ft Wide X 7ft High

Common placement locations:

  • Driveway
  • Garage
  • Back Yard that you can drive a truck into.  (will leave some ruts in yard)
  • Front Yards

Can't be placed on a public street, vacant lots, most city-owned land.  

Water Sanitation System:
  • Automatic Ozone Water Sanitation System to ensure the cleanest and safest water possible.
  • Large Pool Filter
  • Cleaned and sanitized between each rental

Heating Times Needed
3.5 Hour For typical setup and to heat 47º (Typical City Water Temp) to 104º Fun Hot Tub Water (outside air is 32º)