We closed due to issues of getting parts for the hot tubs, both the Big Kahuna and Tini Bikini need repairs and we are waiting on parts.

Looks to be about 7 weeks out.  Thanks for checking us out.


Hot Tub Rental $600 a night rental, $150 an extra night.
Typically drop off at least 3 hours before your event and pick up next AM

 Big Kahuna Hot Tub Rental
We fill and drain it on-site, takes about 1 hour to fill and 30 min to drain 

Big Kahuna Hot Tub is Our Biggest hot tub to rent.
Rental Rates:
No Delivery Option:
  • Requires full size pick up or large SUV to pull the big kahuna.
  • Electric Trailer Brake Controller Needed and Required.
  • Required Valid Drivers License
  • Requires proof insurance
  • You need to know how to light a pilot lite (similar to a water heater)
  • Place 4 trailer jacks and cock the wheels

(Read =>> This isn't for everyone, if you haven't pulled a large and heavy trailer before just have us deliver it.)

We use a 2004 Ford Expedition with a electronic brake controller or F250 Pick Up.
Ball size is 2 5/16 ball, there is 2-inch receiver hitch with 2 5/16 ball available for use.


 Details about the Big Kahuna Hot Tub:
  • 1,000 Gallons of Hot Water, we use your water and hose to fill it up.
  • Runs on a normal household GFCI 15 amp 110 - 120 volt outlet.
  • Outlet needs to be within 75 feet of hot tub
  • Customer Controlled LED Accent Lighting
  • 1 ft privacy wall surrounding the perimeter for increased privacy
  • Easy thermostat control for perfect temperature!
  • Stairs and handrails for easy entry and exits!
  • Rental hot tubs are permanently mounted on trailers
  • Requires a flat, semi level area to set it up
  • Hot Tub Size:  7ft x 16ft
  • Exterior Dimensions:  24ft Long X 8ft Wide X 7ft High

Common placement locations:

  • Driveway
  • Garage
  • Back Yard that you can drive a truck into.
  • Front Yards

Can't be placed on a public street, vacant lots, most city-owned land.  

Water Sanitation System:


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